I am a guy on the internet who writes stuff sometimes. The stuff I write is here. Try and keep up. I used to write reviews Amazon and other sites under the moniker trashcanman before semi-retiring from my unpaid career for a while. But now I’m back in action writing columns for Unreality and Gamemoir. I’m collecting my output from those sites here belatedly for your convenience.  Enjoy.


3 responses to “About

  1. Danny

    Hi Nick, I really loved your article on Gameoir about Secret if Evermore. You’re a killer writer. I recently wrote a song about that game and other classic 16bit RPGs. I thought maybe you’d like it?

    Sincerely, your new fan,

  2. Thanks, man. I may be able to write, but I’d trade that capability in a second for the ability to perform music. That was nice. If singing a heartfelt song pondering the future lives of the cast of Secret of Evermore and FFVI wasn’t enough, you’ve got what appears to be the Back to the Future soundtrack LP, a Voltron figurine, and a Beach Boys poster in the room. That’s old school overload. Props.

    • Danny

      Haha thanks man. Yea it turns out that’s just what my room normally looks like. My wife saw the video and the nerdy clutter and said “thank God you’re already married” haha.

      But yea, thanks for “getting it.” It’s nice to share it with other gamers who know the pain of missing old games. So if you know of anyone that you think would like it, please feel free to spread the word 🙂 thanks again.


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