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Gamemoir’s Patreon and Magazine are Live.


Not to rattle the cup too much, but seeing as I’ve been a primary contributor for Gamemoir almost since its inception a couple years ago, I feel like I should post about this. What the hell is a Gamemoir? Well, it’s the site that most of the posts on this blog were written for . At first we were kind of searching for a voice, with the only object being creating a gathering of thoughts, experiences, stories, cultures, observations, and the like related to gaming and gamers. Something beyond reviews and breaking news and clickbait. A place where an individual gamer’s experiences and nostalgia was held in the same esteem as journalistic hype and the big new thing; where AAA and indie titles are equally vital.

After two years and a lot of contributors come and gone, a theme to the site has emerged: diversity. Our contributors are sorts of people from all sorts of walks: Gamemoir has become a place where feminists, LGBT men and women, third world gamers, and just regular boring jackasses like myself hang out and share thoughts and feelings with plenty of disagreements but no abuse or judgments (aside from the occasional reader comment; this is the internet, after all). It’s been pretty fun to be part of it. About the only faction we haven’t had contributions from is Gamergaters/MRAs, but let’s face it: they’re often kind of mean. Can’t say I’ve missed them much.

So as part of Gamemoir finding its voice, it’s launching a Patreon to give citizens of the internet the option to help a small site out by contributing to our growth. Being part of the team, I should probably post that link now. Here it is:

Okay, enough with the commercial, already. As part of this crowdsourcing deal, the Gamemoir powers that be put together a monthly publication that’s going to take some of their favorite contributions new and old and revamp them in magazine form. This is very cool to me, and not just because I’ve got two articles in the first issue like a boss. It looks good, it reads good, it is good. It’s also the real reason I’m posting this in the House of Awesome. I’m just a little bit proud. There’s a link on the Patreon page, but if you’re like me and have an inborn aversion to e-begging, you can get it for free (because you deserve it) here:



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