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Video Games vs. Real Life

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Video Games vs. Real Life

It seems unfair to only have one life. We should at least have the option to earn a 1-up. Let’s see how else real life compares to video games

For example, the zombie apocalypse wouldn’t be nearly as fun irl.

vgl vgl1

I mean really, being tasked with keeping some kid alive is so much cooler in video games where you can focus on searching for loot instead of worrying about some needy little brat’s safety.


You always seem so cool when you only see things from your own perspective in games or in real life. But at least in video games, nobody judges you.



Take GTA, for instance. Wouldn’t it be nice if the entire world forgot everything bad you’d ever done once you went indoors?


 And I’ve got to say that the ladies have some pretty low standards for what constitutes a great date…


Then there are those lax law enforcement standards.


Maybe they’re afraid of being accused of profiling.

Well, you know what they say…


 But what about those virtual first world problems?

vgl11 vgl15

 But hey, at least fashion is valued over practicality.


Shoulder and outer thigh protection is, like, REALLY important.

Plus the guards let you get away with murder.


A lot.

 And unlike in real life, no matter how grave the situation there’s always plenty of time for leisure activities in video games.



Plus, video games don’t have that sense of guilt for your mistakes.


They keep trying to make video games more lifelike, but I say life should definitely be trying to be more like video games. Let’s see some more side-by side comparisons of the two.


[note: this image had some weird shit going on with it so click to view]

But in some ways the two aren’t so different.

Either way, you have to respect your elders.


And the general goals are the same:

Don’t Die.


 Acquire Currency.


 And don’t be afraid to try new things.


 Old schoolers actually learned important life lessons from gaming.


Video games: confirming the futility of life since my earliest memories. But at least they give us something to live for.

Bye Bye!




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